MG3 is involved in planning, directing, and coordinating a wide variety of construction projects, including the building of many types of residential, commercial and educational projects.

MG3 coordinates and supervises the construction process from the conceptual development stage through final construction, ensuring the project is completed on time, within budget, and with quality results.
We provide in-house services which include program management, constructability review, design overview, cost estimating, value engineering, scheduling, construction management, quality control and risk/safety management.


• Design Development Teams

MG3 team is comprised of experts from each profession. Oou goal is to produce value for the customer. By balancing the competing elements of Design, Cost and Schedule, our buildings are designed to maximize our customer’s investment.

• Not-to-Exceed Budget

MG3 stands behind the final budget presented to the customer. Bringing a project in on time and within budget is a matter of pride and integrity.

• Short Construction Schedules

We have found that proper planning helps shorten the construction cycle, reducing cost and improving service.

• Value Engineering of Projects

As part of our dedication to quality, MG3 analyzes both the cost to purchase but also the cost to own. We look for the “best value” for our customers and recommend the same.

• Preliminary Assessments

Within 30 days, we provide our customers with a conceptual assessment of the project which usually includes a site plan, floor plan, concept budget and open issues. This provides decision makers with basic information necessary to know whether to proceed. MG3 Construction intentionally keeps the cost of this service low to build relationships and earn the trust of the customer.


MG3 is committed to providing returns to our investors through the acquisition, development, construction, management and growth of a portfolio of select real estate investments.
We invest in real estate and land development projects that provide the opportunity to create and capture value. Our near-term focus is on charter schools facilities, assisted living facilities (ALF) and other real estate opportunities, while maintaining our long-term commitment to land development projects across Florida. In MG3 our core investment approach is to find opportunities that are low risk but ones in which we can produce superior positive returns; typically with a two to four year liquidity expectation. Our investments tend to be made in asset categories where due diligence requires intensive data analysis and technical industry / legal expertise.